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Tan Right is located at 6 Heyes Lane,

Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire,

WA15 6EA

Call:   0161 969 4009

       07954 520731


             Opening Hours                                              Mon - Friday 11am - 8pm - Sat 11am - 5pm


Promotes Tanning & Cares for your skin

This refreshing beverage contains specially
formulated ingredients that help to promote tanning
while also caring for your skin. Pineapple-Coconut-
Aloe Vera taste.

Key Ingredients:
- Beta Carotene - kick starts melanin production in
the skin by sunlight interaction. Added amount
simulated in the body by Tanshot results in a
promoted tan

- Vitamin E - helps tighten the skin and give a fresh,
youthful appearance. Increases collagen in the skin.

- CoQ10 - known anti-ageing benefits, reduces the
appearance of wrinkles, increases skin's firmness,
smoothness and flexibility. Promotes natural
collagen production.