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Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire,

WA15 6EA

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Tannymaxx Natural Moisturising Lotion

100% Natural Argan Oil & Walnut Extract

The vegan Natural Moisturiser moisturises the skin and gives it new vitality.

Through an intensive active ingredient complex, the moisturiser provides rich skin care and prevents long-lasting dry skin.

The moisturiser provides a well-groomed beautiful skin, without the animal ingredients parabens and paraffins.

Fragrance: Light Flowery

Argan Oil - also known as the 'Gold of Morocco' is one of the most valuable plant oils in the world. This is due to the complicated process of extracting the oil and its valuable ingredients. Argan Oil consists of about 80% unsaturated fatty acids, which play a crucial role for the skin cells. Linoleic Acid gives skin elasticity and vitality while preventing it from drying out.

Does not contain SPF's

Tannymaxx Natural Moisturising Lotion